Can We Re-Use Pomegranate Peels? Here’s What To Make With

When it comes to the kitchen, we Indians love to use every bit of the ingredients in our cooking. From the stem of the vegetable to the root, the flower and even the leaves – we ensure no part of a plant goes to waste. Sustainable cooking has been ingrained in our system since times immemorial, and it comes as no surprise that the concept has taken off in today’s times as well. Recently, an American content creator revealed that even the peels of a pomegranate can be reused effectively in the kitchen. She shared a simple hack or trick to make pomegranate peels into a flavourful and healthy tea.

Why Re-Use Pomegranate Peels? | Health Benefits Of Pomegranate

Pomegranate is known to be an excellent fruit that offers multiple health benefits. Have you heard of the saying ‘Ek anaar, sau bimaar’ [One pomegranate can cure a hundred sick people]? The bright red fruit is known to be an excellent source of Vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants and fibre. Pomegranate boosts immunity and also detoxifies the system. It also does not contain any fat or cholesterol, making it beneficial for weight loss.

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Pomegranate peels can be used to make a flavourful tea that can boost immunity. Photo: iStock

Although it may be difficult to believe, the peels of pomegranate are even more enriched with good health than the fruit itself. This makes for a good argument in favour of reusing pomegranate peels!

How To Re-Use Leftover Pomegranate Peels – Viral Video

If you are wondering how exactly to reuse leftover pomegranate peels, we are here to help. Carleigh Bodrug, better known as @plantyou on Instagram, is a popular US-based content creator. A cookbook author, her recipes often make use of plant-based ingredients and leftovers and scraps from the kitchen. Her video of how to reuse pomegranate peels has gone viral, receiving over 9.9 million views and 437k likes.

In the clip, Carleigh explained that pomegranate peels shouldn’t be thrown away and can instead be made into a very useful powder. She suggested placing the peels in a baking tray and dehydrating them till they become crisp. Then, blend them using a powerful blender to convert them into pomegranate peel powder. Now, you can use this powder to make an antioxidant-rich tea or even sprinkle it on top of your regular salads. You can blend it with smoothies or even mix it into your regular beverages.

Watch the full video of how to re-use pomegranate peels here:

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