Cold wave alert in India: 10 ways to protect yourself from the biting cold

Cold wave in India: Is the cold wave alert destroying your plans for the new year? Are you also concerned about your family’s elderly members given the impending cold weather? On Tuesday morning (December 27), a thick fog covered the nation’s capital as Delhi’s cold wave continued. The temperature was recorded at its lowest point at 7 degrees Celsius. 

The IMD states that due to the current light wind and heavy moisture in the lower troposphere, dense to very dense fog is “quite likely” to persist across various regions of Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh & Delhi and West Rajasthan for the next 48 hours. Delhi’s air quality is still being classified as “very poor.”

This drop in temperature is being caused by cold, dry winds blowing out of the western Himalayas in the north and northwest. And sadly, there won’t be any respite from it any time soon. So let’s follow the dos and don’ts for cold wave, released by the India Meteorological Department:


1. Collect adequate winter clothing, multiple layers of clothing are also useful. Donate unused winter wear to the needy.

2. Have emergency supplies ready for immediate needs.

3. Stay indoors as much as possible during the cold wave outside to prevent exposure to cold wind.

4. Keep dry. If by any chance you get wet, change your clothes immediately to prevent loss of body heat.

5. Prefer mittens over gloves, mittens are woollen and so will provide more warmth and insulation from cold.

6. Drink warm water or hot drinks like herbal tea or coffee at regular intervals to keep warm.

7. Take care of the elderly and children by attending to their medical or personal care.

8. Store and use warm water for daily chores as the water in the pipes may be cold or may even freeze in some regions.

9. Watch out for symptoms of frostbite like numbness, white or pale fingers, toes, ear lobes and the tip of the nose.

10. Put areas affected (if) by frostbite in warm and not hot water.


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In case of hypothermia

1. Get the person into a warm place and change his/her clothes.

2. Warm the person’s body with skin-to-skin contact, and dry layers of blankets, clothes, towels, or sheets.

3. Give warm drinks to help increase body temperature. Do not give


4. Seek medical attention if the condition worsens.


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1. Don’t drink alcohol. It reduces your body temperature.

2. Do not massage the frostbitten area. This can cause more damage.

3. Do not ignore shivering. It is an important first sign that the body is losing heat and a signal to quickly return indoors.

(This article is based on the information from India Meteorological Department, IMD. Zee News does not confirm this.)

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