Kim Kardashian reacts to backlash over her tone-deaf advice for ‘women in business’

Kim Kardashian explained what she had in her mind when she gave her now-infamous advice to women in business which received massive backlash from audience.

In an interview with Variety in March 2022, Kim told “women in business” to “get your (expletive) up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

Explaining her comments in interview with Angie Martinez IRL Podcast, the reality TV star said, “The context in that was I had just been doing interviews for the last few weeks on people to work in my office.”

“Everyone had all of these… ‘You know, well, I only want these hours, I want Fridays off, I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do this, so I’ll only do this,’” The Kardashians star revealed what applicants said to her.

She went on to add that such demands were something she wasn’t used to before she became famous. “I come from a time when we just grinded and everyone that I’m super close with that has built our businesses together,” she shared.

“We would just kind of do anything, any job. Get it all together, even if it wasn’t our job, we’d ask for something we just get it done,” Kim continued.

“Coming from like that workaholic mindset, I think I just came off of all those interviews being like, ‘Damn like no one really wants to work’ Everyone had all these like provisions of what they wanted in their job.”

Kim said that her comments were taken out of context. “I think people also took it like it was coming out of Covid,” she said.

“A lot of people that really wanted to work didn’t have the opportunities to work, and might not have had the opportunities that I have had and so I saw that and I was really mindful of that.

“Sometimes people do really want to work their (expletive) off and they’re not given those opportunities and they’re not in the position to do that even if they really want to, so I saw that and I’m super super sensitive to that and if I say something… I just wasn’t generalizing it for a bunch of people, it was just my specific experience,” she added.

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