Meghan Markle’s wedding to Harry reduced as ‘stepping stone’ to stardom

Meghan Markle only married Prince Harry to attain global celebrity status, a royal expert has been led to believe after the release of her and Harry’s Netflix series Harry & Meghan.

Talking about the Duchess of Sussex’s motives behind her and husband Prince Harry’s claims in the trailer for their show, released at the start of this month, royal expert Tom Bower said, “The Netflix series is Meghan’s latest vehicle to wreak damage on the royal family and Britain.”

Sharing his thoughts about Meghan’s ‘intentions’ behind leaving the royal family in 2020, Bower said, “… As she later revealed, marrying into the royal family was just a ‘chapter’ in her life, a stepping stone to becoming a global celebrity after she failed, just before meeting Harry, to land any significant acting parts.”

“Becoming a duchess was a perfect interlude while seeking a new career. Netflix, she calculates, gives her a new opportunity to launch her next ‘chapter’,” Bower continued.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix series, Harry & Meghan, released in full on the streaming platform on December 15, 2022, and has proven to be a hit in the UK.

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