Stories You Might Have Missed in 2022

Whales rarely sing more loudly than war.

In the fight for finite reader attention, big stories win: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Queen Elizabeth II’s death and rare protests in China. But this news, while important, can overshadow good stories — about whales passing their songs to each other across oceans, lyric poetry at M.M.A. fights or the fading art of embalming.

So like we have in years past, the Morning team asked editors around the Times newsroom for the articles, podcasts and videos that didn’t get the attention they deserved this year. These are their selections.

Enjoy these 25 stories:

  • Car redesign has changed Formula 1.

  • The owners of the celebrity-packed Carbone in New York are trying to replicate their restaurant’s success on (almost) every continent.

  • He set aside just 30 minutes for his first meeting with a woman who, unknown to him, was an Ethiopian princess. This year, they married.

Should Tua play again this year? The Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is back in concussion protocol. After his early-season head injury and Miami’s diminished playoff chances, does it make sense to get him back on the field?

Nets on track: Brooklyn won its ninth straight game last night and climbed to third place in the Eastern Conference — without drama.

Inflation has hit kitchens hard — over the past year, the price of food eaten at home rose 12 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics — and as dinner got more expensive, Times readers sought out simple meals. That shows in NYT Cooking’s list of the 20 most popular recipes of 2022. “With the exception of a few special project dishes — we’re looking at you, Thanksgiving! — they are all easy, economical and exciting recipes to live your messy, beautiful life by,” Margaux Laskey, a Cooking editor, wrote.

The No. 1 recipe of the year: J. Kenji López-Alt’s San Francisco-style Vietnamese American garlic noodles, which are easy enough for a weeknight but pack a lot of taste, thanks to 20 smashed garlic cloves.

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