Superfood in winter: 5 traditional desi foods to stay warm and healthy this winter

Foods to stay healthy in winter: Our health and immunity may suffer as a result of the chill in the air that is getting worse every day. Winter also reduces our body’s ability to fight against viruses and bacteria, increasing our risk of contracting illnesses like the flu, Covid-19, and respiratory infections, among others. 

While most of us attempt to treat them with medications or DIY remedies, it is crucial to nourish our bodies with the proper nutrients in order to shield it from a variety of winter problems. A combination of citrus fruits, protein-rich foods, and various winter herbs and spices can help protect from diseases during the weather.

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently took to Instagram and shared a short list of foods that are traditionally eaten to help the transition from summers to winters and also help keep our immunity up.

1. Bajra

These millets are an excellent source of protein, carbohydrates, and antioxidants. In India, this super-healthy grain is consumed in many different forms during the winter, such as khichdi or bajre ki roti. Bajra is high in fibre and minerals, and the nutritionist states that it can ease joint pain.

2. Jaggery and ghee

Indian households frequently include both of these ingredients, and the combination is frequently enjoyed as a dessert after meals. Jaggery and ghee can also help relieve sinuses and ward off cold, in addition to their delightful taste. 

Rujuta advises having it after lunch and dinner since it goes perfectly with bajre ki roti. Additionally, a special recipe you can use to spice up your meals is masala gur, which is made especially in the winter.


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3. Kulith (horse gram)

In the winter, our skin becomes dry and our hair becomes brittle. Kulith, which keeps the skin and scalp hydrated and nourished, can be used to combat this. The pulse can be consumed with rice and ghee and helps to avoid kidney stones. In the states of Bihar and Himachal, where kulith dal is a wintertime staple.

4. Safed Makhan (White butter)

According to the nutritionist, creamy handmade white makhan or butter promotes healthy digestion and ensures that we can absorb vital fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D.

5. Til (sesame seeds)

The bones and eyes benefit from the use of sesame seeds, which are frequently used in bread, roti and other foods. By converting it into oil and then using it to season gajak or chiki, two dishes that are especially popular in the winter, one that can be easily integrated into our diet.

The nutritionist captioned the post, “Here’s a quick list of foods that traditionally help the transition into winter and keep our immunity up…….(Kulith is horse gram, Makhan is white butter made at home).”


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Let’s follow these traditional delights of India to stay healthy and warm this season.

(Disclaimer: This article is based on information shared on social media by an expert. Zee News does not confirm this.)

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