What to watch on Tuesday: ‘José Andrés and Family In Spain’ airs on Discovery Plus


Alaskan Killer Bigfoot (Travel at 8) The team head out to spy on Nantinaq with night-vision goggles before realizing the danger they’re in and paranormal investigators come to Portlock to rid the village of its demonic energy.

American Masters: Groucho & Cavett (PBS at 8) This episode explores the friendship between television personality Dick Cavett and comedian Groucho Marx, with footage of Marx’s visits to “The Dick Cavett Show.”

Bering Sea Gold (Discovery at 8) A new arrival shakes things up while Emily shows Jane Kilcher the ropes; Kris Kelly deals with a troubling malfunction; Hurricane Dave is horrified by the methods Vernon uses; Mr. Gold strikes, well, gold.

Below Deck Adventure (Bravo at 9) New deckhand Seth finds issue with the leadership department and believes he could do a better job; a mix-up causes issues at the Oktoberfest-themed dinner; Faye takes the guests paragliding.

Ice Cold Catch (Discovery at 10) The greenhorns complete the final week of their trial period; Greg fails to manage the hook machine; Caitlin’s future as a deckhand is in peril.

The Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters (History at 10:03) Using an advanced submarine to probe one of the deepest parts of the Bermuda Triangle to search for a ship that vanished in 1921.

Chef Dynasty: House of Fang (Food at 9) Chef and restaurateur Kathy Fang is ready to expand the restaurant she co-owns with her father; in the first episode, Kathy modernizes her menu and hosts a dinner for the toughest critics: influencers and her father.

José Andrés and Family In Spain (Discovery Plus) Chef José Andrés takes his daughters, Carlota, Inés and Lucia, around Spain to explore his home country and enjoy the food that shaped his talents.

Ocean Emergency: Currents of Hope (CW at 8) A look at the state of the world’s oceans and what can be done to repair the ecosystem.

Chelsea Handler: Revolution (Netflix) Comedian Chelsea Handler explains her life choices, the frustrations of dating, the joy of owning rowdy rescue dogs and why women should be apologized to.

Real PD: Kansas City (ID at 9) Season 2.

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