No More Boring Salads – This Pizza Salad Brings Both Health And Taste On The

Who says salad is always boring. If you know the right way to make a salad with the right ingredients, it can actually turn out to be quite a treat. If you are still not convinced, this pizza salad will change your mind. Pizza is enough to tingle our taste buds and work up our appetite. Anything made with pizza or in pizza flavour is bound to be yummy. And so is this salad. This pizza salad brings both health and taste onto your plate. 

Chef Guntas Sethi shared this amazing recipe of pizza salad on her Instagram page. Fist look at the recipe video and we could not hold ourselves from watching the entire cooking process. It looked so good. “Ever considered pizza to be healthy? Well, this Pizza Salad is so flavourful, loaded with greens with a tangy punch from the cherry tomatoes and layered with fresh cheese for added creaminess!” the chef wrote in the caption of the post. Watch the recipe video: 

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How To Make Pizza Salad I Pizza Salad Recipe: 

The chef starts the recipe by cutting bread slices into small pieces. She sprinkles seasoning, oil and some grated feta cheese and bakes the bread. In a separate baking dish, she places lots of cherry tomatoes, garnished them with salt and pepper and other seasonings, adds some oil and garlic cloves, and bakes it. While the tomatoes were baking, she made salad dressing with cheese, pesto sauce and seasoning.  

To complete the salad, she made a bed of arugula leaves topped with baked bread croutons and cherry tomatoes paired with burrata cheese. Finally, the topping of creamy salad dressing rounds it off.

 Chef Guntas also shared some tips to make the salad better. “You can make a separate olive oil dressing with lemon, salt and pepper for the salad, to keep it nice and flavourful. You can enjoy the salad with fresh buratta or feta cheese crumbles for the perfect finish!” she added. 

Try this recipe and let us know if you loved it or loved it? 

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