Prince Harry ‘needs to take accountability’ for the stress

Prince Harry has just been urged to take responsibility for his actions and understand the ‘dire urgency’ associated with his need to ‘take accountability’.

Princess Diana’s butler broke it all down while speaking to

The butler, Paul Burrel, started the conversation off by urging Prince Harry to “take accountability” for his words.

Mr Burrell also bashed the Duke of Sussex for “sacrificing his family on the PR altar” in the same way as Queen Camilla, allegedly.

“On many levels Harry seems to be mixed up because at one moment he’s saying that Camilla sacrificed him on her PR altar,” he started by saying.

“Well, Harry, what have you done to the people whom you’ve talked about in your book? You’ve sacrificed them on your PR altar, used them to generate stories for your book.”

“It’s all she did this, he did that. He needs to take accountability for the part he has played and the stress he has caused his family.”

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