Prince William can’t ignore ‘personal attack’ from Prince Harry’s ‘poisoned pen’

Royal experts fear Prince William may find his feelings of “betrayal, anger and sadness” towards Prince Harry may emerge in the middle of the Coronation.

This claim has been brought to light by royal commentator and expert Dan Wootton.

This has all been shared in a piece for the Daily Mail, and features detailed insight into Prince William’s rumored anger towards Prince Harry for his Coronation invite.

Mr Wootton believes, “This is the tinderbox environment in which the new king expects his sons to reunite in front of an audience of billions while watching him crowned. The Coronation is Charles’ day, I understand that.”

“But given he is determined to have the Sussexes in attendance – in my opinion an unwise decision driven by heart over head that will overshadow the historic event – it’s now up to the king to protect his eldest son.”

During the course of the piece, Mr Wootton also pointed out how topics such as the weather “might be possible for the likes of Princess Anne and Prince Edward, who didn’t feel the full throttled vengeance and largely avoided personal attacks from Harry’s poisoned pen, but for William it’s an altogether different scenario.”

“The question of how he will be able to contain his acute feelings of betrayal, anger and sadness at the Coronation if Harry is there is front of mind for courtiers.”

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