Prince William engulfed in ‘catatonic rage’ after ‘character assassination’

Prince Harry has just been warned about Prince William’s burning rage that has turned ‘catatonic’ since Spare released.

This claim has been brought to light by royal commentator and expert Dan Wootton.

This has all been shared in a piece for the Daily Mail, and features detailed insight into Prince William’s rumored anger towards Prince Harry for his Coronation invite.

Mr Wootton believes, “the catatonic rage engulfing William in the past month towards his brother following the publication of his twisted autobiography Spare” is extreme.

In light of the “effective character assassination” he endured after Spare went public.

To make matters worse, “According to my royal sources, the Prince of Wales still cannot fathom the vicious intent behind his brother’s book, which he believes marks the end of their relationship forever.”

“Sure, time heals all wounds but at this moment in time courtiers believe William is adamant he will never speak to his sibling again.”

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