Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes romance goes international amid backlash at home

Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes romance goes international amid backlash at home

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes go full-on PDA on vacation to Mexico amid their affair scandal still making headlines at home.

According to TMZ, the lovebirds are attached at the hip and spotted having a ball in Puerto Vallarta. Some GMA3 former hosts fans stopped for pictures and chitchatted with the couple.

The couple swooned over each other, packed some PDA while casually donned, and appeared in a jolly mood.

The duo was seemingly scot-free from a romance scandal at ABC that cost them their jobs.

While the two never shied away from expressing their feelings towards each other, whether in NYC airport or Mexico streets.

Robach and Holmes seemed to enjoy their romance without the world’s care amid reports suggesting the twosome friends had reservations about their cavalier life decisions.

Meanwhile, ABC News is taking a hit on ratings after T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s departure from Good Morning America viewership slumped.

According to Animated Times, the GMA3 ratings have nosedived since the pair exited the talk show.

Meanwhile, Robach and Holmes’s departure from GMA3 met with a sigh of relief from some fellow workers.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the insiders disclosed that colleagues of the duo were “not surprised” by their departure from the network.

Moreover, some GMA3 co-workers even had a bone to pick with the pair.

“Those who worked directly with T.J. and Amy had complaints about them and expressed their unhappiness,” the source added.

“His general conduct was put into question. Amy also had her fair share of accusations thrown her way and seemed to have rubbed people the wrong way too.”

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