Ben Affleck finds Jennifer Lopez ‘controlling’ behaviour difficult to take: ‘He wants space’

Ben Affleck’s life has become difficult ever since he tied the knot with wife Jennifer Lopez because of her “controlling” behaviour, revealed an insider.

The Good Will Hunting star needs “more space” from the Shotgun Wedding actor as the differences between him and J.Lo have started to take a toll on him.

An insider spilt to Us Weekly that the issues between the pair are becoming visible now since their viral 2023 Grammys appearance where Lopez seemingly snapped at Affleck over his bored expressions.

“They try to play it down, but the tension’s plain for all to see,” the source said of the appearance. “The consensus is that she’s tough on Ben and intense in ways that he’s finding difficult to take.”

The insider went on to claim that Affleck and Lopez contradict each other because he “likes to be low-key and subdued, he’s not nearly as into the showboating or flashy stuff as she is.”

Even though Affleck wants their marriage to work as “divorce is not an option for them,” but the contrasting differences between the lovebirds are affecting their romance.

“Ben was calling the shots for a long time before she slowly took control. He wants more space to be himself and won’t tolerate being henpecked,” shared the insider.

“But J.Lo is J.Lo, so it’s a real power struggle they seem to have going on,” added the source.

Another report published by Heat Magazine claimed that Lopez’s “controlling streak” is “really starting to get to the Gone Girl actor.

Talking of the award show drama, the insider said, “He was really embarrassed caught on video having the riot act read to him by his wife. It was humiliating.”

“He’s desperate for a bit more independence, but also knows this is his bed, he’s got to lie in it. Divorce is absolutely not an option.”

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