Diana’s butler wants Prince William, Harry to know Palace ‘secrets and truth’

Princess Diana’s former butler wants Prince William and Prince Harry made aware of the secrets she confided in him, during the last days before her death.

He claims his prostate cancer diagnosis has ‘put it all in prespective’ and wants to talk to the heir and spare “before its too late.”

He even believes the information could potentially bring the brothers back together, in the way their mother “desperately would have wanted.”

His admissions have been made to The Mirror, and during the course of his chat, Mr Burell said, “I know some of it isn’t pretty, but if I leave this place and go somewhere else they’ll never know.”

“I think they should know,” he also claimed before adding, “I think Diana would say to me, ‘Paul, you must make this a priority. You must go and see my boys’.”

This claims after countless admissions by Mr Burell about the ‘trust’ Diana had in him.

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