Meghan Markle ‘just a vicious liar’ that’s finally ‘caught in a web of lies’

Experts believe Meghan Markle has finally been caught in her own web of lies.

This allegation has been issued by Lady Colin Campbell, during her interview with GB News host Dan Wootton.

There, Lady C addressed the Samantha Markle’s civil court case in Florida and claimed that their “web of lies” has “finally coming back to haunt them.”

“Without a doubt, the reality is there is a possibility that this case might be disallowed and it will be dismissed without prejudice, which would mean that Samantha will have the opportunity to reissue proceedings which she will do if she has too.”

“But the reality is whether Samantha wins or loses in court Meghan has lost in the court of public opinion, and everyone now knows Meghan is a vicious liar, a very manipulative, nasty human being who has no compulsion about destroying her loving father and her disabled sister.”

“And there is absolutely no way in my opinion that Meghan will ever be able to recover from the revelations that Samantha’s lawsuit has exposed her as having possessed.”

Later on, she also added, “I mean the reality is that Samantha has done what her father couldn’t do because he couldn’t afford to sue people when he should really have sued people.”

“But this is not about money, this is about justice, honour and integrity. This is about stopping a vicious liar from producing the reputation of decent, innocent people.”

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