Paneer Butter Masala And More: 3 Ways To Make Butter Masala

Gourmet and indulgent food is all we crave over the weekend. Even though we may be eating healthy food the entire week, the weekend is when we let our hair down and enjoy what we truly love. Punjabi food is one of our favourite cuisines that is rich and spells decadence with every bite. From buttery naans to scrumptious chicken gravies, there’s so much that this lavish cuisine has to offer. Butter masala gravy is one of the cornerstones of Punjabi cuisine. A scrumptious preparation, it involves some wholesome spices paired with a main ingredient that is the show-stealer. You’ll be glad to know that there are not one, not two, but three different ways that you can cook butter masala gravy! 

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What is the butter masala gravy? It is nothing but an easy preparation with a base of onions, tomatoes and cashews. Powdered as well as whole spices are added to this gravy for a sensational taste. Lastly, the butter masala gravy is topped with cream and coriander and served hot.  


Here Are 3 Amazing Ways To Make Punjabi-Style Butter Masala Gravy: 

1. Paneer Butter Masala  

One of the most delicious Punjabi dishes, paneer butter masala never goes out of style. Paneer chunks are simmered in a wonderful tomato-onion gravy that is endowed with the goodness of spices. The recipe is further enhanced in taste by using paneer chunks that are fried in some butter, adding to the deliciousness of the preparation. Pair it with naan, roti or rice and you have a winner! Click here for the full recipe.

2. Mushroom Butter Masala  


If paneer is not your thing, we also have mushroom butter masala to the rescue! This indulgent gravy uses the umami flavour of mushrooms and brings it out like never before. A simple recipe that even beginners can ace, this mushroom butter masala is the ideal way to enjoy the weekend. You can even top it up with a little bit of cream for that extra flavour. Find the full recipe here.

3. Chicken Butter Masala  


The third and final way of cooking butter masala gravy is with the goodness of chicken added to it. Juicy and fulfilling chicken cubes are fried in oil and garlic till they turn golden brown and crispy. Then, the classic butter masala gravy is prepared and added to the fried chicken. Trust us, this chicken butter masala is a class apart from your usual chicken gravies. Click here for the full recipe.  

So, which one of these amazing butter masala gravies will you be trying first? Tell us in the comments.  

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