Princess Diana’s ‘revenge dress’ could have been ‘white,’ says Claudia Joseph

Princess Diana really wanted her “revenge dress” be made in white colour as she was not convinced it would look better in black.

The former Princess of Wales made a historic appearance when she stepped out the same night King Charles III admitted that he cheated on his then-wife with Queen Consort Camilla.

Recalling the time the mother-of-two selected the dress to wear to the Serpentine Gallery in 1994, Claudia Joseph — author of Diana: A Life in Dresses, told Us Weekly what really went behind the scenes at the time.

“The story behind her wearing the ‘Revenge Dress’ is quite interesting,” she said. “She’d gone into Christina Stambolian dress shop with her brother Charlie Spencer, and he sat there while she tried on clothes.”

She said Diana wanted the gorgeous off-the-shoulder dress “in white” but the designer insisted her that the ensemble would look better in black, however, the idea did not appeal to the late Princess.

“She was [groaning] about it, but Christina insisted, ‘This looks fabulous on you,’” Claudia shared, adding that Diana decided to go with the designer’s opinion and ordered the dress in black.

However, on the day of the Serpentine Gallery event, it was leaked that Diana would be wearing a Valentino dress which enraged her and she ended up wearing the black dress on her butler’s suggestion.

“She got quite angry about that, so she went into her closet and her butler suggested she wear the [Stambolian], and it of course got dubbed the ‘Revenge Dress,” Claudia said.

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