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Actor Sajal Aly has been quite vocal about her views on marriage and love. This time the Mom star talked about how she feels life is complete without a man and that marriage shouldn’t be the ultimate evaluation of happiness in life.

“Women already know they are complete without men. It’s a beautiful thing to be in love and to feel whole with another person but that shouldn’t be the only goal,” the renowned actor said during a conversation with Rida Khan on Reel Life. “I personally don’t feel the need for a man as I celebrate my life to the fullest due to the love, respect and admiration I receive every single day. I don’t really crave being with anyone but If I do end up being with another individual, that’s fine too. In the end, I’m the cherry on top of the cake, no one else,” expressed Aly.

She then noted how women are trained to think that marriage holds the most value in life. “I think we need a bit of tweaking in our culture. Since childhood, women are taught to think that they just have to get married after graduation. What if you don’t want to? What if someone doesn’t want to commit this early in life? I believe marriages restrict women in a box, which should not be the case,” explained the Ye Mera Dil actor.

Upon being asked why she chose to work in her latest film What’s Love Got to Do with It?, Aly responded, “I think the first reason I agreed to join this film was that it beautifully highlights Pakistani culture. The country depicted in this project is quite colourful, bright and full of joy, which is a huge contrast from the norm in filmmaking which portrays Pakistanis as terrorists, so thank you Jemima for writing such a brilliant script.”

She then revealed that the Jemima Khan directorial will definitely appeal to Pakistanis. “This film is bound to create an amazing impact on the audience. People will be happy, crying and full of emotions after watching the film, and I’m certain they will go home and hug their loved ones,” said the starlet.

After the host lauded Aly for her modest personality, Aly explained how it should be expected of humans to be humble by nature. “I think I always wanted to be an actor but I never really thought of being successful and that was not my goal from the beginning. I do what I love, how can I be ungrateful for it? Everyone should be humble, it’s a basic quality that every human should possess,” she shared.

Before the interview ended, the Yaqeen Ka Safar star talked about how thankful she was for her success in life. “I do occasionally think about my life but don’t prefer to ponder on it for long. However, I do always look at any project as just a new beginning as every film brings forth a new experience. I’ll be honest I never thought I would work with the likes of Shabana Azmi and Shekhar Kapur, it’s a dream come true.”

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