‘South Park’ roast shows liberal America’s ‘fed up’ of Harry and Meghan’s complains

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle parody in the latest episode of South Park, titled The Worldwide Privacy Tour, shows liberal America is “turning against” them.

Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer discussed the headline-making roast of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the animated series on Royal Round Up with Pandora Forsyth.

“I do think it does show that liberal America is turning against them and is fed up with their moaning really, I suppose to put it bluntly,” he said.

In the sitcom, Harry was referred as the “dumb Prince” and the Suits alum was called “stupid wife” while one of the characters in the show said “I’m sick of hearing about them.”

“Make no mistake, I think one of Harry’s biggest faults actually is that he does pay an overly amount of attention to what is written about him and his wife and that has always been the case,” Palmer added.

He continued: “I can remember being on a tour to the US with him … [and] we went to Colorado and he went to see the Warrior Games, which gave him the idea for the Invictus Games, and it was a really interesting tour but he did say at one point that he’d been looking at a story in Heat magazine that actually, I think, one of his biggest fans might have been writing for Heat magazine at the time, and we were all wondering why are you worrying what’s being said in these gossip magazines?”

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