Meghan Markle was branded ‘easy girl’ with shady ‘background’ by media

Meghan Markle was branded easy girl with shady background by media

Meghan Markle was mercilessly dragged by the media, says Prince Harry.

Commenting on his family’s unawareness around the media’s brutal attacks on Meghan Markle, Harry recalls some of the prominent malicious pieces against Meghan.

He pens: “Were they so deep inside a bubble inside a bubble that they really hadn’t fully appreciated how bad things were? For instance, Tatler magazine quoting an old Etonian saying I’d married Meg because “foreigners” like her are “easier” than girls “with the right background.” Or the Daily Mail saying Meg was “upwardly mobile,” because she’d gone from “slaves to royalty” in just 150 years.”

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