Paris Hilton reveals shocking details about Hugh Hefner in her

Paris Hilton reveals shocking details about Hugh Hefner in her memoir
Paris Hilton reveals shocking details about Hugh Hefner in her memoir

Paris Hilton revealed shocking details about Playboy magazine’s publisher Hugh Hefner, who used her photo on magazine’s cover without her consent.

Hilton, 42, also expressed how she felt when she saw herself on the cover of Playboy in 2005.

In her recently released autobiography, Paris: The Memoir, the reality star and businesswoman revealed how she got her photo on the magazine cover even after turning down a 7-figure offer from the late founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine.

“Hef really wanted me to do a Playboy cover,” Hilton recalled. “He kept offering me more and more money, saying I wouldn’t have to be totally naked, just topless. And then saying, I didn’t have to be topless, just sheer. And then saying I could wear whatever lingerie I wanted.”

“Even when he offered seven figures, I turned it down, because I knew my mom would lose her mind, and because I had already been branded as a expletive after the s** tape,” she continued. “I felt like a Playboy pictorial would just cement that in people’s minds.”

However, her mother Kathy Hilton, who was also approached by the magazine when she was a teenager, advised her daughter not to work with the magazine as she believed that being a Playboy model was “so trashy.”

But Hilton’s image ended up appearing on the cover four years later, shortly after she appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for burger chain Carl’s Jr., which she writes was “later banned from TV for being too sexy.”

“No one was terribly surprised to see me on the cover of Playboy,” she wrote. “Except me. I was surprised. And not in a good way.”

“Hef had ‘honored’ me with the S** Star of the Year Award, which means they can claim it’s ‘news’ and not a pictorial,” Hilton explained.

“He got a picture from an old test shoot with a woman photographer who was really great. It’s kind of an old-school pinup-girl vibe: red bustier and heels, black fishnets, very little actual skin — nothing as sexy as the Carl’s Jr. shoot” she noted.

“I imagine it sold well because people expected to see me naked inside the magazine,” she continued. “Surprise, suckers. They got nothing. Same as me.” 

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